Eurospace Resourcing understand what you expect from a recruitment business. We will simplify your recruitment process whilst remaining professional and effective every step of the way.

Eurospace Resourcing works with your business to deliver successful recruitment campaigns and we offer you the most effective recruitment strategy. Since the beginning Eurospace Resourcing has offered two core services, Recruitment Consultancy and Internal Recruitment, both have proved to be very effective and successful.

Recruitment Consultancy

Eurospace Resourcing recruits personnel for you on an agency contingency basis and a recruitment fee is payable on the filling of a vacancy. Candidates shortlists are concise and will meet your expectations. Interviews will be productive and job offers accepted. For high level roles a Retaining Fee option is often chosen by employers to ensure a higher level of service by Eurospace Resourcing.

Internal Recruitment

Do you recruit 10 or more people per year?

If so Eurospace Resourcing can provide you with a dedicated Internal Recruiter on a consultancy basis. The Internal Recruiter will work as an integrated part of your HR function and will get to know your business and your people. By knowing which candidates match your company the whole recruitment process is simpler than before.

Businesses that choose this solution will experience recruitment at its best, hiring managers review less CVs and the amount of time to fill vacancies will reduce dramatically as your Internal Recruiter becomes part of the team.

This is a service that is proven to work and having your own Eurospace Resourcing Internal Recruiter will cut your recruitment spend by 50% every year giving you the best recruitment process you have ever experienced!