Mission Systems Engineer

Posted 4 months ago
Job CategorySystems Engineering


  • Development of platforms from a systems perspective, including requirements and concept of operations definition.
  • Become responsible for a technical solution, coordinating or liaising with subsystem staff or teams and drawing the mission together technically.
  • Trade-off and control platform systems budgets e.g. mass, power, data, fuel.
  • Production of mission-level test and verification plans.
  • Production of mission-level FMECA, FTA and FDIR.
  • Performing rapid feasibility studies into different scenarios and architectures.
  • Assisting with bid work, providing technical solutions and documentation.
  • Maintaining configuration control of systems work and documentation.
  • Close co-ordination internally and with partners.

Highly Desirable Experience and Qualifications

  • 5 to 10 years’ experience in systems engineering actively applied to real satellite missions.
  • Experience in the systems and project engineering lifecycle from requirements definition through to verification, including experience of leading or planning for project gates in satellite engineering e.g. SRR, PDR, CDR, TRR, FRR etc.
  • Experience in mission and systems architecture definition and concept of operations, especially understanding of both space and ground segment interaction.
  • Experience in phase-0 or feasibility studies in satellite engineering where many solutions may be traded off in a rapid timeframe.
  • Good knowledge of a range of subsystems & engineering teams including: GNC (AOCS, ADCS), astrodynamics, C&DH / OBDH, EPS, RCS (propulsion), COM (communications), software, ground segment & operations.
  • Experience in the development of systems engineering documentation with a PM as needed: requirements, concept of operations, review gate materials, test and verification plans / procedures, DDVP, ICDs, equipment lists, FMECA & FTAs
  • Knowledge of the (M)AIT process: manufacture, assembly, functional and environmental testing.
  • A basic knowledge in the following areas: debris removal, end-of-life, in-orbit maintenance or servicing.

Useful Experience and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in systems, electrical, aerospace/mechanical, controls engineering.
  • A clear understanding of process, with knowledge of both large satellite company design principles e.g. ECSS, and smaller satellite company design principles.
  • An understanding of, or experience in other project matters: project management, procurement, bid support, manufacturing.
  • An extended knowledge of the area around debris removal including: licensing, export, regulation, space law.
  • An extended knowledge in the area around past missions of relevance.
  • Useful to have basic or working knowledge of Japanese, but not necessary (the working language is English, but Japanese is a useful addition for communications with some group level staff).
  • Interfacing with staff from many different countries and cultures, collaborating with other system engineers.

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