Senior AOCS/GNC Engineer

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Job CategorySystems Engineering

Job Description


  • Lead Guidance Navigation and Control systems development and design activities for missions: derive and maintain AOCS (Attitude & OrbitControl of the System)/GNC (guidance, navigation, and control) sub-system requirements, define and maintain AOCS/GNC sub-system design.
  • Contribute to system level activities, such as: developing mission CONOPS (Concept of Operations), defining FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis) and FDIR (Fault/Failure Detection, Isolation, and Recovery) processes and design, system test and verification activities.
  • Support control law and algorithms development – analyse, design, implement and validate (simulate) scenarios for RPO (rendezvous and proximity operations), working with flight dynamics engineers to develop passively safe trajectories for RPO. Design control laws to implement RPO & docking manoeuvres.
  • Support development of GNC hardware architecture, trade-off analysis of hardware towards an overall GNC hardware solution.
  • Support development of GNC software architecture, implementing algorithms into GNC flight software, towards an overall GNC software solution.
  • Support procurement engineers with trade-off and selection of GNC equipment.
  • Review and mentoring of AOCS/GNC activities and implementations, providing expert technical feedback, supporting internal review for our projects and providing guidance and mentoring to junior staff.

Essential Skills

  • 3+ years of experience as an AOCS or GNC systems engineer involved in the design, implementation and testing of GNC solutions for actual spacecraft missions.
  • Experience of algorithm & control law development: use of GNC design and simulation software e.g., MATLAB, implementation of control laws and real world effects (non-linearities, signal noise, tuning), translating algorithms into operational flight software. Preferable to have experience of implementation of RPO and docking algorithms and solutions.
  • Experience of hardware trade-offs and hardware and software GNC architectural design.

Desired Skills

  • 5+ years of experience as an AOCS or GNC systems engineer involved in the design, implementation and testing of GNC solutions for actual spacecraft missions.
  • Operational experience of on-orbit satellite operations.
  • Extended experience in control law design, beyond classical techniques: non linear design, optimal. Any experience of self-learning algorithms (prediction, self-tuning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence e.g. supervised and unsupervised machine learning).
  • Extensive knowledge of GNC sensor systems (trade-offs/ procurement, data processing) including cameras, IR and LiDAR.
  • Understanding of safety across the GNC design spectrum: passively safe trajectories, safety critical flight software, operator and ground segment interaction (and level of autonomy), abort manoeuvres, and collision avoidance manoeuvres.
  • Knowledge of orbital debris removal including licensing, export, regulation, space law.
  • Knowledge of missions concerning active debris removal.

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